Adding Markers (Labels) to Your Songs in Logic Pro 9

I started teaching myself Logic Pro 9 about a year ago after deciding that I wanted to try my hand at songwriting. I found myself getting lost in all the measures of music in my workspace and went on a search to find an easy way to label sections of my songs. I eventually discovered how to create markers by region and to edit the text so that I could see the layout of my song at a quick glance.

  • First, you want to use the pointer tool to select a region of music on one of your tracks that corresponds to the section that you want to label. In the example below, I’ve selected the first 4 measures to label as the ‘Intro’.  You may have to use the scissor tool to split a region into separate parts if you’ve recorded multiple verses, choruses or bridges in a single take.

  • Next, navigate to the ‘Create By Regions’ menu item using the following navigation path: Options –> Marker –> Create By Regions

After you select the ‘Create By Regions’ option, a green highlight will appear at the top of the Arrange window with the name of the region you selected in step 1.  See below……

  • Lastly, there are a few ways to change the text displayed in the marker. You can right click on the marker and select the ‘Rename Marker’ option. You can also pull up the ‘Marker List’ by using the following navigation: Options –> Marker –> Open Marker List

At the bottom of the marker list, you can change or update the text.


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