Parts of The Piano

Grand Piano

Upright Piano

Lid:  This is the adjustable piece of wood on top of a grand piano.  It’s attached by hinges on one side, and it’s height is adjusted on the opposite side by the prop.  When the lid is opened wider, more volume is projected from the inside of the piano.

Lid Prop:  This is the adjustable stick that props up the lid at different heights on grand pianos.

Music Rack:  The music rack acts as the stand for your sheet music and piano books.  The music rack on upright pianos is attached to the fallboard.

Fallboard:  The fallboard can be raised or lowered to cover the piano keys.

Keyboard:  Including all the black and white keys, the keyboard on a standard grand or upright piano consists of 88 of them.  Pressing a key initiates the hammer action that creates sound.

Pedals:  There are 3 standard pedals at the bottom of the piano.  On an upright piano, the pedals are connected to the bottom panel.  The pedals are played with the feet.

Top:  An upright piano has a top instead of a lid or lid prop.  The top is a horizontal piece of wood that lies flat and attaches to the upper panel.  It’s height can not be adjusted.

Upper Panel:  Upright pianos have an upper panel.  It’s the flat, vertical portion of the piano casing that is located above the keyboard.

Bottom Panel:  Upright pianos have a bottom panel.  This is the flat part of the piano casing that is located below the keyboard and is attached to the foot pedals.

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