Piano – C Position

C Position is another one of the hand configurations that beginning piano students learn first.  The image above illustrates the placement of the left and right hand fingers in reference to middle C (which is highlighted in green).

     Fingers #1 – Thumbs
     Fingers #2 – Index fingers
     Fingers #3 – Middle fingers
     Fingers #4 – Ring fingers
     Fingers #5 – Pinkie fingers

Right Hand Placement
The right hand plays the notes starting with and to the right of middle C.
Finger 1 —->  plays middle C
Finger 2 —->  plays D
Finger 3 —->  plays E
Finger 4 —->  plays F
Finger 5 —->  plays G

Left Hand Placement
The left hand plays the notes to the left of middle C.
Finger 5 —->  plays bass clef C
Finger 4 —->  plays D
Finger 3 —->  plays E
Finger 2 —->  plays F
Finger 1 —->  plays G

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