Piano – Middle C Position

Hand Placement For Middle C Position

Middle C position is usually one of the first hand placement configurations that beginning piano students learn.  Most beginners start taking lessons with little to no prior music or note reading experience.  I have found that students make a better transition from playing songs with finger numbers to actually reading notes when they start off learning structured hand placement positions such as middle C position.  There are 88 total keys on the traditional piano keyboard for students to learn to navigate.  It’s much easier and less overwhelming to learn 10 notes at a time……especially when you’re completely new to music training.

Finger Placement
On the partial keyboard above, middle C is highlighted in green.  The right hand plays the notes to the right of middle C while the left hand plays the notes to the left.  The numbers on the piano keys correspond to one of your 5 fingers.

  • Finger #1:  Thumb
  • Finger #2:  Index
  • Finger #3:  Middle
  • Finger #4:  Ring
  • Finger #5:  Pinkie

This finger numbering system applies to both hands.  What’s unique about middle C position is that both thumbs are on middle C.

Right Hand
Thumb (1) —> plays middle C (shares with the left hand)
Index Finger (2) —> plays D
Middle Finger (3) —> plays E
Ring Finger (4) —> plays F
Pinkie Finger (5) —> plays G

Left Hand
Thumb (1) —> plays middle C (shares with the right hand)
Index Finger (2) —> plays B
Middle Finger (3) —> plays A
Ring Finger (4) —> plays G
Pinkie Finger (5) —> plays F

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