"Pandora Bailout Bill" Robs Musicians

Quoted text from The Recording Academy:

Stop Congress From Slashing Artist Pay
Congress is considering a bill that would slash the royalties paid to artists in order to increase shareholder profits of corporations like Pandora. The so-called “Internet Radio Fairness Act” is a government bailout, letting Pandora (valued at $1.8 billion) pay artists royalties below the fair market rate. Act now and tell Congress there’s nothing fair about robbing music creators.”

The page below can be accessed by clicking on capwiz.com/grammy/issues/alert/?alertid=61901131.

I am a professional musician and music teacher. For more information, please visit my website at www.AudreyWilliamsMusic.com. My music samples are available at Audrey’s Music Page.


One thought on “"Pandora Bailout Bill" Robs Musicians

  1. I'm happy to hear that this bill didn't pass………(see below)Dear Recording Academy Member: In November, I wrote to you about an important Congressional Hearing at which our Chair Emeritus Jimmy Jam would testify. The hearing was about legislation—the so-called “Internet Radio Fairness Act” (IRFA)—that would reduce creator compensation by as much as 85% for plays on Internet radio stations such as Pandora. Jimmy Jam spoke passionately and convincingly about the need for fair compensation for performers, songwriters and studio professionals. He not only made the case for maintaining fair compensation on Internet radio, but also drove home the need for a performance right for artists on AM/FM as well. Jimmy’s testimony can be read here or watched here starting at 1:11:30. Thousands of you, Academy members from across the country, made your voices heard to Congress. You let your representatives in Washington know why the Internet Radio Fairness Act is anything but fair. Congress listened to you— and we won. The 112th Congress just concluded and IRFA is officially defeated. No doubt we’ll face bad legislation again in the future. But we know if we make our voices heard, we can ensure music policy is fair to those who create music. Congratulations and thank you to all who participated in this campaign. I wish you a very happy new year and prosperous 2013. Kind regards,Neil PortnowPresident & CEOThe Recording Academy

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